Saturday, August 29, 2009

Debby's Most Wonderful Wedding Dress

Debby's Most Wonderful Wedding DressI was given wedding invitation by my old friend, Debby. She was my ex-classmate in Senior High School. It has been more than fifteen years we do not see each other. I was so surprised to receive her invitation of wedding ceremony and wedding party. I came to her home earlier. I saw the preparation of the ceremony and party. It was arranged very well by the most experienced wedding planners and designers since Debby's father is wealthiest man in my small city. The ceremony was started punctually. Everybody was chatting and laughing when Debby came in elegantly with the most beautiful and rarest design of wedding dress I've ever seen. She looked very sexy and elegant in it. She smiled at us nicely and warmly. We were all very happy to see her. The blessing ran well and then continued by wedding party. Once again, we found Debby wrapped with very great wedding gown. The party was very merry and cheerful. The food and cakes were nicely and deliciously cooked by the most trained chefs. The wedding was prettily made as well. I can say that it is the greatest wedding moment I've ever seen. May God bless your life Debby. Have happy life Debby.

Post Title Debby's Most Wonderful Wedding Dress

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